02 March 2016


I felt sick and hurt because of you,
I felt lost without your love,
but now I know the true,
there wasn’t love in there….
you didn’t love me all the way
I knew it…a voice in my head
was telling me that every day…
I shut that voice down…..
and followed you in that life…
but I listened again and see I left
and my heart is bleeding
my eyes was not able to see it….
the road that took me away….
In fact you showed me the pain,
the pain of loss and disaster
the pain to lose my self…..
the road of separation and fear
away from me and my soul
my way will be lonely again…..
I believed in our love till today…
But I will find my feet
I will love again! Hope is here by me…
Maybe tomorrow…maybe…some day!

To C.

If you love

When you think you love you care
You need your loved one to hear,
You need to be close and feel
And his pain and heart to heal
You don’t love me now I know
We went apart you care no more!

To C.


No more tears and pain,
I have left them in the rain
all the memories your name…
all washed away
I have become another me
stronger and willing to win
Over my soul and heart
over all you have said,
over with me and you
Over with us….i bleed….!

To C.