21 December 2013

Let me dream

Let me dream
let me fly with hope,
that you are my land,
don’t break me,
don’t bring me down,
with broken wings,
without hope to fall.
Let me love you,
let me be in love,
let me fly and dream,
and u will be my sky!

To C.

Forbidden love

I will breath if i have
your love for me
I will see if i have
your face in front of me
I will hear if i recognize
your voice whispering me
i will be me...if i have you
for the rest of the years
when my life is gone
when i remain alone
with the dead by my side
with my last breath
i will then tell my secret,
how that sweet memory
of the forbidden love we got,
kept me alive all that time.
I love you my life.

To C