06 April 2013

Hurt no more

When someone hurt you
you cant just pass by
the pain will stay
and will hurt again
when someone bet raid you
you cant just forgive
because it wont be last!
If you need hug and peace
and instead you get slap
just turn and run away!
When the things you need
its not what you get
don't stay there
try to find them
with other person
walk other way.
I was hurt every day
it was lack of love
lack of touch
lack of understanding
but I didn't stay,
to punish my self
just because
was a choice
I have made...
I left.


The morning has come
next to me again
the loneliness it self
She kept me in embrace
shadow from the darkness
she crept in my dreams....
and made them nightmares...
Go away now please
let me love again
give me chance
to show the love a way
to my frozen heart
and my empty days.

The thief

Walking in the night,
looking for you,
give my heart back.
You took it from me,
took my eyes away,
cant see anyone else
its you in my dreams.
Searching for my love,
you played with her
made her yours
with super powers
over me and my life.
I hated you...still do
I love you even now
when you are done
and finished to hurt
and finished to play
the game you called love
but it was my flame
that i burned in again.

Fairy tail

I want to live in a fairy tale,
to love to be loved,
to know that someone
is waiting for me at home.
I want to live with love,
I know I have it
somewhere in the world,
waiting for me to find her.
I want to live in a painting
to be a beautiful,
which every day for me,
someone painted with beautiful colors.
to live fairy tale
one and every day to be a surprise.
I want to believe in love,
in the sun sets and beautiful Moon,
I'd like shared fantasy
to become a shared dream.


My soul melted away
in the twilight of such day
as the sigh of silk
is ripped the soul!
As in the giddy waltz
has turned earth
the day is gone
the night has come
in the dreams I will wander
among the stars and the moon
on the dark earth
embraced the dreams alone!

For my daughter

I was hiding my tears,
i didn't want her to see
and cry my tears with me.
I want her smile
to bloom on her lips
and stars to sparkle
in her her eyes.
Its hard but will be fine.
I will handle it again
one more time.
She is my little girl
with an angel`s soul
she is my whole life
and my reason to survive.

Aggalia me ta asteria

Svise to tsigaro,
fila me xana,
dikse to feggari
sta dio sou mathia
pare me svixta
sta dio sou hergia
pare me xana
aggalia me ta asteria.


I know my heart is shell-folded...unbreakable shell
that i want to break with a single scream
from the bottom of my soul and let my heart free
to love and feel again....
but i am so scared at the same time
because of the past hurting scars
that may open again same pain in different way....
i know how you feel i have been there
when you know what you want
with the person you are
when you feel that he is in different rails
and about to go away...
when you are dieing to hold him in your life....
feeling helpless to stop the time....