22 February 2014

Wild Thoughts

Thoughts holdem,
like a wild animals
In my head like in cage
they want to break free
to scream and shout
to ask why me?!
I hold them……..
withholder of minds...
and I am sitting 
quiet in the night
next to you 
sleeping tide….
And they shout in my head
let us out…let him know,
but I won’t 
because they hurt
and brake and throw
everything I have
everything I want….
That animals…on hold
thoughts in my head....
but out........
in silent gold…

To C.

18 February 2014

I have been there....

I have been there
where the pain is so strong
that your heart will stop
where the hope has become
part of the devils plan.
Where your love is lost path
Where your dreams are scars.
I have been there
you think I don’t know
how to return alone?
I have learned the way
and will make it again.
Even if you give me more pain
even if u hurt me today
even if u leave me one day
I will be strong
and I will live again.

To C.

02 February 2014

I can fly

I can fly again
my wings was healed
my thoughts was cleared
my soul was cured
and my hands untied.
You helped me
let me help u back
i will carry you
till the end of all
till u have it back
your power to fight
even then when its hard
i will be by your side.

To C

I love you

Strange day
full of passion
full of love
and then
comes the night
with you
by my side
embraced me
till i fall in sleep
came with me
in my dreams
and made them
true days
of happiness
and love again.

To C.