16 March 2014

Leave me in peace

I cant sleep at night,
you keep coming
in my dreams,
hurting my soul and skin
my body carry`s the signs
of your heavy words
not leaving me in peace...
Go away please,
i cant live like this
to have you in my mind
......nights and days,
you hurt me enough...
now please...
let me sleep,
let find peace
at least in my dreams.

To C.

13 March 2014

The story of my love

Someone asked me,
What is priceless for you?
I said the smile,
the nice word
from someone you love
the hug when I cry
and the hand
that takes me up
from the dirt
when I fall.
The morning
when I open my eyes
and see that someone
is beside of me.
Then someone asked me:
What you got from that?
I said half of it in black!
When I fail….i got blamed
When I cried…I was alone
When I needed the most
Instead of good word
I got pain in my heart.
Then someone asked me:
Why you accept that?
I said: Because I loved!
Then someone told me:
Love is not about pain,
Its about care and smile.
Its about someone by your side.
Its when you wake up
to forget the nightmares
because someone was there!

To C

02 March 2014

Forgive me

Forgive me if I ever hurt you,
forgive my mistakes
forgive me for the silence
and for the heavy words

I forgive you in moment
when you admit your mistake
when the word that hurt me
was replaced with a hug.

I forgive your silence
In that moment and time
when later you tell me
what was all about. 

To C.