13 March 2014

The story of my love

Someone asked me,
What is priceless for you?
I said the smile,
the nice word
from someone you love
the hug when I cry
and the hand
that takes me up
from the dirt
when I fall.
The morning
when I open my eyes
and see that someone
is beside of me.
Then someone asked me:
What you got from that?
I said half of it in black!
When I fail….i got blamed
When I cried…I was alone
When I needed the most
Instead of good word
I got pain in my heart.
Then someone asked me:
Why you accept that?
I said: Because I loved!
Then someone told me:
Love is not about pain,
Its about care and smile.
Its about someone by your side.
Its when you wake up
to forget the nightmares
because someone was there!

To C

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