30 December 2014


I am so tired of her,
I look at her in the mirror
I see her changed,
she looks so sad
her sense of humor gone.
her lips doesn’t smile,
her eyes always with tears
ready to fall like rivers from hell….
She doesn’t sing anymore
Her feet doesn’t dance
She doesn’t speak a lot…
She is other person now.
I know somewhere
behind that reflection,
there is other person I know,
she is strong and helpful
she is loving and always
with a smile on her lips….
I am looking now…
She is hidden…behind those tears
behind so heavy words
and middle finger in her face…..
She is guilty for killing the real one
for turning into this sad mass
of muscles and fake smiles.
I know she is there somewhere
Behind the cracks of the mirror….
I will find her and bring her back to life

To. C

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